Who we are


Our Story

Alliance for Voluntary Services Initiative in Development popularly known by her acronym name “Allavida” Kenya is an intermediary development organization with a goal to transform livelihoods of the poor and marginalized people in Africa, in pursuit of social justice. It was established in August 2001 as a merger of Charity Know How (CKH) and Alliance magazine aimed towards increasing the skills, knowledge and experience of NPO's and community organizations throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. In 2003, in response to Allavida's expanding work in East Africa, a regional coordination office was opened in Nairobi. From 2007, the Nairobi office became the administrative hub of Allavida's network. At the end of 2008, Allavida in UK closed and handed over all assets to the Board of Allavida (Kenya) which is established as a company limited by guarantee with a non-profit status under the Companies Act (Cap.486) with certificate number C.151504.

How we Work

Allavida works through and with a shifting network of international, national and local organisations and associations, individual consultants, academics and researchers. This loose, informal network is committed to sharing learning and ideas, stimulating creative responses to local need, and collaborating whenever possible around common agendas. It is this network that is helping generate Allavida’s expanding portfolio of community initiatives and enterprises. It is also this network of practitioners and experienced consultants that underpins Allavida’s growing Services.

Implementing Partners
  • HAKI Self Help Group
  • Kibera Women Network (KWN)
  • KGGA
  • Drug Fighters & Counselling (DFC)
  • Youth reforms
  • KGSA
  • YMCA
  • Ujamaa Foundation
  • ZULU Youth Group
  • UZIMA Foundation