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Our ambition is simple. We invest in what people already have, in order to ensure that they have the determination and courage to change their lives for the better. Aid alone is not enough. We work to create a mix of grant funding and investment to help poor and marginalized people to really transform their lives. This is what Allavida strives to do and it’s what sets us apart from most development organizations. It’s a model that can influence development funding and practice and greatly increase the effectiveness of aid and investment.

What We Want to see

  • #Addressing causes of poverty & marginalization rather than treating symptoms.
  • #Creating foundations on which social and commercial investors can build.
  • #Building on and creating assets that can truly transform livelihoods and opportunities.
  • #Works on the basis of solidarity rather than sympathy.
  • #Promotion of human rights and development of communities

Funding Approach

  • #Invests in long-term processes of change rather than short-term projects.
  • #Recognizes the unique role of philanthropy in stimulating change through seed-funding and capacity building.
  • #Supports people as the active drivers of change
  • #Encourages active citizenship, including citizens and elected authorities actively working together.
  • #Allavida supports people as the active drivers of change.